TST Excel is Tuel Shed Training's maintenance program designed to help participants continue to work towards their health and fitness goals after completing TST Ignite, TST's initial six week program, through motivation, fitness nutrition, and wellness.  

For only $19.99 per month, participants will receive motivation, daily workouts, nutrition advice, wellness tips, monthly Seminars, and assessments.

Sign up online at tuelshedtraining.pivotshare.com to have access to everything offered by TST excel.  After joining TST's PivotShare, you will be added to the private Facebook Group, TST Excel, where you will find the live workouts and daily posts.  


Each week, two live workouts will be offered on the private Facebook group, TST Excel.  Participants will also have access to the TST20  workouts powered by PivotShare. Workouts focus on cardio, weight lifting, and stretching. Three levels- beginner, intermediate,  and advanced will  be shown.




Motivational videos and posts will encourage and inspire

participants on their health journeys and will help

participants overcome the obstacles they face.

More importantly, participants

will learn to Believe in themselves again.   



Meal examples, food prep ideas, and recipes will be shared each week to guide participants and help them develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. 



Wellness tips and ideas will be shared with participants

throughout the program to help ensure participants

develop a well-rounded understanding

of health and wellness.  



Monthly Seminars

Each month, participants will be invited to attend seminars that will include live workouts,  assessments  (weight, body fat percent, BMI, and 5 measurements), and chats about a variety of  topics. 


Sign up Here: tuelshedtraining.pivotshare.com

Questions or want more information? Email us at tSTBELIEVE@tuelshedtraining.com or call us at 515-829-5537.