Believe Blog 2: Accountability


By: Javier Tuel, Certified Personal Trainer

Something as simple as a positive attitude and accountability changed my life.

Once I started holding myself accountable for my choices and actions, I started accomplishing my goals. With each accomplishment came a sense of success and pride that I could do this. It started to become a lifestyle and over time, easier. I started to love myself and my life again. Accountability, along with patience and picking myself up after failing, has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined.

When I first started on my health and fitness journey, I quickly realized accomplishing my goals was not going to be easy. I faced many difficult circumstances and failures that made me just want to quit and return to my previous lifestyle.

That would have been the easy way though. I had to be accountable to myself for my actions. Once I realized this, things in my life started to change.  I started to view my failures as just part of my journey and stepping stones towards my ultimate goal. Life moves too quickly and is too short to let everything slip by and to make excuses.

I started to realize that living the life I wanted, a life that I was proud of, was going to take work. The obstacles that I faced were not put there to make me fail- they were there to make me stronger and they were just a part of life. I started to view these challenges as opportunities to control my life- my health, my happiness, my dreams, my future. I decided I would no longer let the fear of failing stop me. I also had to stop justifying my failures by blaming my environment, past experiences, and other people.

I am often asked how I started holding myself accountable. It is actually pretty simple- I just started doing it. I promised myself that I would learn from my mistakes. I would be patient with myself. I would give my everything. I started to tell myself “good job” for each small success- eating a healthy meal, completing my workout for the day. From there it spread to all aspects of my life.  

Now, this does not mean that everything has been easy since I made accountability a priority- There are still days I want to give up, when I do not see the immediate value in what I am doing, when failure seems like the only and best option. But there is no magic formula or potion. My attitude towards these obstacles and how I conquer them has changed and that has truly made a difference. I no longer let my failures define me, I use them as learning opportunities to grow and move on to something better.

When I finally realized that only I am accountable for my choices and actions and that I, alone, am responsible for my happiness, my view of life changed. It was like a fog had lifted. I no longer let anyone else dictate my road and happiness. I am in control. I am accountable for me and my life. By being happy with myself and loving my life, I am able to be a better friend, a better trainer, a better son, and most importantly, a better dad.

Holding myself accountable for my actions, my failures, and my happiness has been life-changing for me.  I know it can be for you as well. Just remember to Believe in yourself and never give up. You can do this. Time is going too quickly.  

How do you hold yourself accountable?



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