Javier Tuel


Javier Tuel is the founder and owner of Tuel Shed Training. He is an ISSA certified personal trainer who is passionate about helping others Believe.  Driven by his desire to combat inactivity and with over ten years in the health and fitness industry, Javier is dedicated to motivating others to understand that they deserve to be happy, healthy, and to accomplish their health and fitness goals. Javier has a specific training role with development of programing at Tuel Shed Training and plays a vital role in the development of TST Unite. Javier also focuses on the  motivational side of Tuel Shed Training as the company continues to grow, spreading the importance of the word Believe.  In his spare time, Javier enjoys spending time with his son and working towards his own health and fitness goals.  


Contact me at  jtuel@tuelshedtraining.com to get started!